About Robin

In the summer of 2013, Robin was born in Southern California. We called her Happy Beige. At the time we did not know that Beige would have a special mission to her life. She would be trained to help a companion, Cheyenne, trained to make a difference in her world.

Robin was born to the very first litter at Poco Creek Labradoodles. She was a sweetheart from day one–smart, fun and confident. When the National Institute for Diabetic Alert Dogs (NIDAD) called us about placing a puppy with them, we thought of Beige.

NIDAD told us about Chey, who had Type I diabetes, and their program of intense training for dogs to recognize and alert their companions to high and low blood sugar levels, waking or sleeping. We agreed to donate Happy Beige to NIDAD, and Chey was told a new friend was on her way.

Chey, who was then 10 years old, named her mate Robin. But they would not meet for many, many months as Robin learned how to make a difference in Chey’s life. Through her own Facebook page, we followed Robin on her journey. Finally, in January 2015, she went to Chey in Alabama. Their journey together has begun now. Learn about the NIDAD program, Robin and Chey by following these links to Robin’s Pages.

Thank you Robin, for making a difference. And, thank you to the wonderful staff and trainers at NIDAD . . . for making a difference.