Does your Australian Labradoodle need to be groomed?

Yes, learning to groom your Labradoodle yourself or periodically using the services of a professional groomer is highly recommended to keep your dog’s coat and skin healthy and clean. At home, a combination of easy, simple combing and brushing, at least twice a week, is very helpful in maintaining the coat and preventing mats.

When to introduce your puppy to grooming?

Our certified groomer introduces a puppy to gentle brushing and combing at about 4 weeks of age. “On the table” grooming starts at 6 weeks old. Some puppies are more tolerant than others. We recommend that our families begin the introduction to grooming early and continue regularly. Puppies quickly get used to the handling. First sessions do not have to be overly long, and time can gradually be added as your puppy becomes accustomed to grooming.

Professional grooming?

If you decide you want the services of a professional groomer, your early home grooming will go a long way toward easing the transition to shop grooming. An accomplished groomer is well worth finding for busy families. Interview your candidates. Ask if they groom other Labradoodles? How many? How often? They may have pictures of Labradoodles they have groomed. Ask them how they handle matting? How they would approach a summer cut? Be specific in your instructions to your groomer. Sometimes the dogs needs will be different, so let the groomer know exactly what you want for each session. How often you take your Australian Labradoodle to the groomer depends on how long you want to keep the coat. The longer you want to keep it, the more often you have to visit the groomer and the more regular your home maintenance needs to be. For an excellent overview of Labradoodle grooming, the Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA) offers the grooming video linked below. Enjoy grooming and caring for your Labradoodle. It is all part of the fun!