From Our Puppy Families.


I am so happy to have found Poco Creek Labradoodles. After searching the internet I was lucky to find the right breeder and the perfect puppy for my home and family.
Coco came to us a very healthy and well cared for puppy with the best temperament. Poco Creek gave her a perfect start in their loving environment!
When you meet the Poco Creek family, both dogs and humans, you can see that they are all having fun and are very happy.
Coco is a sweet intelligent pup and I couldn’t be happier with her and my experience with the entire family at PocoCreek Labradoodles.

Lori Dryden
Laguna Woods, CA

Harry-and-LloydA massive thank you to Keith, Reiko and the whole Poco Creek Labradoodles family, it has been an absolute pleasure working with you all! From the beginning, communication has been excellent and when going to meet the liter, we were welcomed into a clean, spacious environment, surrounded by loving family (human and canine).
Anyone who has sat in the middle of a litter of puppies, knowns the difficulty in choosing just one… so we decided to get two! Harry and Lloyd (Dumbo and Peter Pan) are the light of our lives and an unending source of laughter and love. Double the trouble, double the fun, these brothers and best friends bring joy and melt the hearts of everyone they meet. Receiving constant compliments, the handsome, friendly and dynamic duo, quickly became known around the neighborhood as “Cute and Cuter”. We cannot thank you enough for Harry and Lloyd and the love they bring to our family.

Much thanks,

BorisBlue_200Working with Poco Creek was seamless and stress-free, and in the end, we got a well cared for, healthy, clean, friendly, smart, and amazing labradoodle. The price was fair and we received a great puppy starer kit and lots of good advice. Boris Blue has become an inseparable member of our family and has changed our lives for the better. Thanks again Poco Creek!
The Anderson family, Escondido, CA

We feel grateful to have found our perfect puppy match with PocoCreek Labradoodles! We had been searching and speaking with many breeders -for over 6 months.

All our communication with PocoCreek was, and continues to be- relaxed, informative and fun. Keith was always generous with his quick responses and frequent updates. We quickly decided they were a great fit for us, even considering the challenge of navigating a long-distance meeting and transaction.

We travelled to meet Keith and all his girls (human and pooch!) at the PocoCreek residence. We were delighted with the peaceful, clean, and spacious home/garden environment our litter pick had the opportunity to be raised in.

Keith, Reiko, Maria & Emiri- We can’t thank you enough for all the love, care and time you gave in raising our sweet Milo! (formerly Mr. Dale) He is absolutely, 100% our perfect match! The ideal, quick-witted, smart and cuddle-loving companion we had hoped for.Milo_300x300

From one epic car journey home from Riverside to Silicon Valley- Milo is now a huge fan of any car journey or great brave adventure- Everybody falls in love with Milo. He loves to be with people, and has bought so much joy to our lives. We constantly receive compliments on his charming personality and sweet temperament.

Oh, did we forget to mention his devastatingly handsome good looks? His gorgeous mama Chimaki definitely helped him out in that department!

Timothy + Tamara. H Silicon Valley, CA

navyI truly cannot tell you just how much we love Navy. It is as if he has ALWAYS been a part of our family. I hate to admit, I was the last one to be convinced of getting a puppy. I dreaded the additional responsibility, and the thought of the mess. However, Navy has become my absolute favorite person to come home to. He is my 3rd child and the only one who does not whine and greets me with the biggest smile (wag of a tail and kisses). He is the highlight of my day! Thank you for such an amazing gift. Our family is smitten!

Lorraine. M Carlsbad, CA

MojoComing from a breeding background, I knew finding a breeder that met my standards would be tough. I was thrilled to find Keith and his family, who were welcoming, warm and very knowledgeable about Labradoodles. I knew we wanted a home-based breeder and I was so pleased to be welcomed in to Keith and Reiko’s home, where we met all of their dogs and a beautiful, healthy litter of puppies who were being whelped right in their family room. Keith patiently answered every one of my questions and went above and beyond to make us feel at ease.

When it came time for our puppy to be born, Poco Creek did a wonderful job of sending us photos, keeping us up to date and making us feel like we were a part of our puppy’s life right from the beginning. At nine weeks, we took our sweet boy home and we could not be happier with him. He is a sweet, very smart boy who has proven himself to be worth every bit of time and cost that we invested in him. Thank you, Poco Creek! You have made our family complete – until we come back for a playmate 😉

Chenin. B Los Angeles, CA


I can’t say enough about the love and attention given to the breeding of these Labradoodle puppies but it shows in my Rusty Kai’s temperment. He’s loving, attentive and super smart. Poco Creek seeks sires for its females that will demonstrate these traits. Their love of the breed shines through in their litters!

Paola .B San Diego, CA

Hendrix_260Hi Keith and family,

We are so lucky to have stumbled upon your website in search of our labradoodle puppy. It was a great pleasure meeting you and your wonderful family in Riverside. The process of adopting our puppy was made so easy and accommodating by Poco Creek Labradoodles family. The puppy package we were sent home with was great and high quality (crate, leash, collar, food, treats, toys) and kickstarted our puppy parenthood with ease. Such a loving and friendly environment at your house. Big big thank you to Keith, Reiko and the rest of Poco Creek Labradoodles family!

The Hubers San Diego, CA

Pococreek has been a delight to work with during the process of choosing our new family member. They were always responsive to questions, accommodating and hospitable during visits. Just really good folks! We couldn’t be happier with our girl Mira! She is an absolute love! Smart, very adaptable, athletic and a friendly furry ball of fun!

Deseree. M CA